Mission and Goals

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GraduateOur Mission

“Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential” is the mission of the Richmond African American Scholarship Fund (RAASF). RAASF is a non-profit endowment fund dedicated to promoting higher education in the Richmond African American community through collaborative corporate, individual, and community partnership.

Strategic Goals

With the support of corporate, non-profit, individual, and community sponsors, RAASF endeavors to achieve the following strategic goals:

  • Provide annual post-secondary scholarships to African American high school students in the Richmond City Public School System.
  • Establish a self-sustaining $500,000 scholarship endowment fund through fundraising efforts, private and individual donations, and corporate sponsorship.
  • Create a network of partners committed to providing educational, professional, developmental, and mentorship opportunities for African American youth in the Richmond community.
  • Develop a pipeline of African American talent that seeks to give back to the Greater Richmond area.
  • Promote the City of Richmond as a place that RAASF college graduates would aspire to work.