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Recipients of the RAASF Scholarship


"The RAASF offers more than a check— the organization invests in your career and personal development..." Carnegie Mellon University, Class of '08

- Jessica Smith

Success Stories

Vaughan Moss

"The members of the RAASF have given me a tremendous amount of support, advice and guidance..." Georgetown University '10

- Vaughan Moss

Grand Opportunities


"I’m thankful for the RAASF because I have access to so many resources that I would not have had..." University of Virginia, Class of '12

- Brianna Stith

“We should strive to build relationships with those in the positions that we aspire to achieve. I was able to maintain several physician and non-physician mentors who helped me with personal and professional development. I received much support from the RAASF mentors who have made a generous investment into my future. Receiving the RAASF award helped me to focus on my academic work and excel rather than worry about how I would afford my expensive textbooks. Even more impactful than the monetary award was the encouragement I felt when I received the care packages or a friendly phone call from the RAASF. It let me know that there was someone who had hope for me.”

Dr. RobinsonTakisha Robinson, M.D.
2005 RAASF Award Recipient
University of Virginia
Bachelor’s of Science Pre-Med ~ Class of 2009
School of Medicine ~ Class of 2012

“Some challenges that I had to overcome in order to succeed in college were: time management, avoiding peer pressure, and staying focused. Time management was very important because I was a student-athlete. Playing on the University’s men’s basketball team and being a scholastic standout, it was crucial that I balanced my time between the two. When attending college, you meet all types of different people and it’s important that you find a group of positive people that share the same goals and aspirations as you. I learned that as you get older, the more independent you have to be and you have to stay on top of everything because your parents are not there to take care of you. My advice to young scholars who plan to pursue a college education is to stay focused and to set some short and long-term goals, which will take you on the quest to fulfilling your dreams. My involvement in RAASF meant a lot to me, the support and concern that I received from my mentors gave me a positive and uplifting spirit that motivated me to excel in my academics even more.”

Juan WilsonJuan Wilson
2009 RAASF Award Recipient
Virginia Union University ~ Class of 2013

"A lesson that I’ve learned is that things rarely happen exactly the way you hope they will. It is important to be flexible and be able to adapt to whatever roadblocks life may throw at you. I encourage high school students to start thinking of potential career paths before graduation. Having some idea of what you may want to do will help you choose the right college. Get a head start on internships and start making connections with people in your field of interest who may be helpful in the future.

The RAASF has given me more than just money towards paying for college. Being associated with RAASF has given me access to a network of people who genuinely care about my personal and professional growth. The members of the RAASF have given me a tremendous amount of support, advice and guidance over the past six years. Now, as a mentor myself, I look forward to doing the same for someone else."

Vaughn MossVaughan Moss
Georgetown University, '10

"One thing that I would caution high school students about is the tendency to sometimes slack off in their junior or senior years. That is not good at all! It is important to keep your grades up while, at the same time, becoming involved in afterschool activities. Colleges and universities like to see that you have the ability to multitask and keep up with your schoolwork at the same time. Volunteering is also a great plus too. You have to push yourself and remember that everything you’re doing in high school will affect the colleges into which you will get accepted later.

I’m thankful for the RAASF because I have access to so many resources that I would not have had if I hadn’t been a recipient of the scholarship award. The RAASF serves as a support system for all kinds of things. If you need them to help you with your resume, give you interviewing tips, or even if you just need someone to talk to, they are there too!"

BriannaBrianna Stith
University of Virginia, Class of '12

"My association with the Richmond African American Scholarship Fund has meant that I have a support network of experienced professionals that I can count on and who want to help me succeed.

The RAASF provides extremely valuable resources such as resume review, mock interviews, financial planning, and networking coaching resources that I had no idea that I would have access to when I was awarded the scholarship. The RAASF offers more than a check— the organization invests in your career and personal development."

UniJessica Smith
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of '08